Repairing Damage on your line of Play

You are just off the green, quite close to the hole so your first choice is to putt, but there is a big pitchmark on the apron directly on your line just in front of your ball. What can you do about it? Well the short answer is - not a lot! Improving your … Continue reading Repairing Damage on your line of Play

Embedded Ball

This should be easy - Rule 16.3 allows you to take relief whenever your ball lies in its own pitchmark in the general area. "Embedded" means that part of the ball is below the level of the ground (so not if is just "sitting down" in a grassy lie. The reference point is immediately behind … Continue reading Embedded Ball

Temporary Water in the General Area

The standard procedure when you are in a puddle in the General Area is to find your nearest point of complete relief within the general area which is not nearer the hole than where your ball is, and then to drop within 1 club length of (and again not nearer the hole than) that point. … Continue reading Temporary Water in the General Area

Temporary Water in a Bunker

We play golf in (almost) any weather and the rules need to take this into account. While we can get puddles on the course at any time of year, we are perhaps more likely to need to cope with them through the winter months - what relief is available? Playing out of a puddle should … Continue reading Temporary Water in a Bunker

Areas of the Course

A bit of revision - what are the 4 defined areas of the course? You need to know them because different rules apply in different areas. Defined Areas of the Course: Teeing Area, Penalty Area, Bunker, Green If part of your ball is in both the general area and one of these specific areas, … Continue reading Areas of the Course

Boundary of a Penalty Area

A decision from a junior competition a couple of years ago. The general view is on the left, while the position of the ball, half under the sleepers edging the path, is shown in the right hand picture. The middle picture shows the plan view with the green to which they were playing. While the … Continue reading Boundary of a Penalty Area

Penalty Area and Immovable Obstruction

A bridge over a penalty area with balls in 5 different positions playing to the green and flag that you can see. What relief can you get for each situation? Ball number 1 is in the Red Penalty Area and as the ditch is dry at this time of year many players would consider playing … Continue reading Penalty Area and Immovable Obstruction

Know the Rules – Save a Stroke

For some reason strange things seem to happen to my friend Lee on the golf course. Here he is with an ambitious attempt at getting a wood to a plugged (embedded) ball on the bank of a fairway bunker. To be fair to him this was before the 2019 rules came into force which now … Continue reading Know the Rules – Save a Stroke