Playing from the Wrong Tee

A surprisingly easy mistake to make - especially if you are used to playing from a particular place or set of tees. On a strange course you can even play off the tee for a different hole! This is a mistake that you must correct in a medal competition or you will be disqualified. … Continue reading Playing from the Wrong Tee

8th Hole @BrokenhurstGC – Two Identical Balls

A long par 4, seemingly always into the wind and the first of 3 very testing holes in a row. Escape from the 8th, 9th, and 10th level to your handicap and you are most likely playing well. Even a good drive will probably leave a semi-blind second over the fairway bunker to a green … Continue reading 8th Hole @BrokenhurstGC – Two Identical Balls

Referee Challenge – Who is it to Play?

Surely the easiest decision in golf is whose turn it is to play. While "Ready Golf" is to be very much encouraged in stroke play, in match play it should be strictly the farthest from the hole at all times (and you can have your stroke recalled by your opponent if you play out of … Continue reading Referee Challenge – Who is it to Play?