Causing the Ball to Move – AT&T at Pebble Beach

More tour happenings that we can learn from. Maverick McNeally was doing well and facing a delicate pitch out of the rough with his ball lying precariously on top of the long grass. While he initially put his club down well behind the ball, when he went to play the stroke the ball toppled off … Continue reading Causing the Ball to Move – AT&T at Pebble Beach

Bryson’s Lost Ball

The best in the world don't often have to look for their ball - they hit it straighter than most and usually have a good number of marshals and spectators to see where the ball landed. So Bryson probably has a good excuse for being a little hazy on the lost ball rule. If it … Continue reading Bryson’s Lost Ball

Jon Rahm forgets to mark his ball

Some players just seem to attract bizarre incidents. Perhaps a bit of "brain fade" but it seems he thought he had previously put his marker down. He just lifted the ball and immediately realised his mistake. This is an immediate 1 stroke penalty under Rule 9.4b and this happens whenever a player deliberately touches … Continue reading Jon Rahm forgets to mark his ball

Bryson’s Out of Bounds Query

Bryson DeChambeau tries to persuade Rules Officials that his ball is in bounds. Unsurprisingly, the Rules Officials knew the definitions better than him. The Out of Bounds line is the straight line between the course-side points of the fence posts or stakes at ground level. This means that the fence itself (or the stakes) … Continue reading Bryson’s Out of Bounds Query

Charley’s Drop at the 17th

Once more back at the @RoseLadiesGolf event at @BrokenhurstGC and there were more than a few questions from members after the event about how Charley Hull was allowed to drop on the fairway side after finding the ditch from the 17th tee. These knowledgeable and alert members were questioning the decision because when the 2019 … Continue reading Charley’s Drop at the 17th

Immovable Obstructions and Penalty Areas

I had a couple of instances at the Rose Series event with balls lying in a Penalty Area but also close to an Immovable Obstruction. The photo below shows the first one. What do we do here? As you can see, this young lady's ball ended up on the bridge across the ditch just short … Continue reading Immovable Obstructions and Penalty Areas

Getting ready for the Lady Pros at Brokenhurst Manor

Here is just a little taster of the preparation for last week's tournament at Brokenhurst Manor. It will be a similar story for every elite tournament and goes unseen to most golfers. It may start weeks or months (or even years as the R&A might do with Open venues) before the competition with a course … Continue reading Getting ready for the Lady Pros at Brokenhurst Manor

The Rose Ladies Series at Brokenhurst Manor

It has been a privilege to be a referee at the first ladies professional sport event in the UK post lockdown. 47 of the best lady golfers in the country competing at my home course - Brokenhurst Manor. The whole event summed up beautifully by Iona Stephen for Sky Sports here. I'll be posting … Continue reading The Rose Ladies Series at Brokenhurst Manor

Tiger’s Needless Quadruple Bogey

The top Pros spend hours practicing to reach the incredible level of skill they show every week, so you wonder why they (or their caddies) don’t spend a little more time ensuring they know the rules as that knowledge can also save them valuable strokes. Take Tiger’s 7 at the Par 3 17th at Sawgrass … Continue reading Tiger’s Needless Quadruple Bogey