Put Your Own Markings on Your Ball

Just unpacked my referee’s bag after the Hampshire Open last week (Pro’s & elite amateurs) and noticed that 3 of the 7 decent balls (there were a couple of others that I wouldn’t expect these players to be using in a competition) that I found on the course during the day do not have specific markings.

Why, oh why doesn’t everyone mark their ball with a specific mark? All too common to find more than one ball when you are searching a bit off line and if you find two unmarked Titleist 3 Pro V1’s then it’s a lost ball even though you’ve found it (you just don’t know which one it is). Even marking with a few dots or a single line can be dangerous as plenty of people use these as markings. The “JB” TaylorMade is the most likely to be uniquely marked out of this lot.

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