13th @Brokenhurst – On a movable obstruction

The 13th starts the last loop of 6 holes so playing away from the clubhouse again. Hitting the correct line of the tee is crucial. The tighter left you can keep it the shorter your shot into the green will be, as long as you are far enough to clear the trees on the corner. … Continue reading 13th @Brokenhurst – On a movable obstruction

12th @Brokenhurst – On a path (Immovable Obstruction)

The 12th is Brokenhurst's signature hole. A par 3 usually with a small well bunkered green and the clubhouse watching over from the far side of the 1st fairway. You might have enjoyed a snack at "The Sett" while sizing up which club to play - the back of the green is wider than the … Continue reading 12th @Brokenhurst – On a path (Immovable Obstruction)

11th @Brokenhurst – Out of Bounds

The 11th is a fairly straightforward Par 4 - just over 400 yards from the white tees and 363 from the red markers. It often plays a bit shorter than its length as the prevailing south-westerly wind is helping and it also runs slightly downhill. Bunkers on the left to avoid off the tee, trees … Continue reading 11th @Brokenhurst – Out of Bounds

10th @Brokenhurst – Ball Embedded in the face of a bunker

The 10th is a long par 3 - a wood or even a driver for many golfers to reach the raised green. Bunkers left and right trap many shots and even if you hit the green a two putt isn't straightforward if you are on the wrong tier. Most players are more than happy to … Continue reading 10th @Brokenhurst – Ball Embedded in the face of a bunker

9th @BrokenhurstGC – No Play Zone

The 9th at Brokenhurst is a Par 5 for ladies and a tough Par 4 for men to finish the front nine. Playing slightly up hill and often into the wind you need to be on your game. https://videopress.com/v/YmjP5U4r?preloadContent=metadata One of the delights of playing the course is the wildlife you will see on your … Continue reading 9th @BrokenhurstGC – No Play Zone

8th Hole @BrokenhurstGC – Two Identical Balls

A long par 4, seemingly always into the wind and the first of 3 very testing holes in a row. Escape from the 8th, 9th, and 10th level to your handicap and you are most likely playing well. Even a good drive will probably leave a semi-blind second over the fairway bunker to a green … Continue reading 8th Hole @BrokenhurstGC – Two Identical Balls

7th Hole @Brokenhurst – Unplayable Lie

The start of the middle loop of 6 - the most difficult loop and level to handicap through these holes is normally a good result. The 7th at 376 yds from the white tees and 344 from the reds is possibly the easiest of the six. https://videopress.com/v/zcBMtuPe?preloadContent=metadata Driving over the road, the only trouble is … Continue reading 7th Hole @Brokenhurst – Unplayable Lie

6th Hole @BrokenhurstGC – Animal Holes

The 6th marks the end of the first, and easiest loop, at Brokenhurst and brings you back close to the clubhouse. A shortish Par 4 which could well give a birdie chance although a new back tee will restore a bit of the challenge for the longer hitters. You will hopefully be ahead of the … Continue reading 6th Hole @BrokenhurstGC – Animal Holes

5th Hole @BrokenhurstGC – Ball moves on the putting green

The fifth is the second par 3 at Brokenhurst and while very pleasing on the eye it does come with a good degree of challenge. Anything between 140 and 175 in length it is at right angles to the 3rd (the first par 3) so you will have to contend with a different wind. The … Continue reading 5th Hole @BrokenhurstGC – Ball moves on the putting green

4th Hole @Brokenhurst – Out of Bounds or Red Penalty Area?

The 4th is another tactical hole but perhaps its main feature is the green - hit it onto the left half with the hole on the right (or vice versa) and a 3 putt might be a good result. As driving distances have grown with modern technology you need to hit a fade or hug … Continue reading 4th Hole @Brokenhurst – Out of Bounds or Red Penalty Area?