Matchplay and Strokeplay rules differ

Back-on-the-Line Change for 2023

There has been a slight change to the back-on-the-line procedure from 1st January 2023 and it is probably more in line with what golfers actually did, rather than what they were meant to do, following the 2019 rule changes. This procedure for getting a ball in play is relevant for a few situations: From 1st…

Main Rules Changes for 2023

The revised rule book for 2023 and beyond is now published. As expected not many changes to get our heads around – here is the R&A/USGA’s “infographic” on the main changes. I’ll go through each one in turn over the next few days and pick out any others of interest as well. Make sure you…

Look What’s Arrived!!

The new rules for 2019 seems like only a few months ago, but we are having an update and a new set go live on 1st January 2023. There won’t be the wholesale changes that we had for 2019 – just a few tweaks, incorporation of some of the clarifications, and perhaps some of the…

Speeding Up Play

Are you normally “behind the group in front” or “in front of the group behind”? I have been around golf courses since I was born – my first home as a baby was in the clubhouse of the course where my Dad was the Golf Pro & Head Greenkeeper and my Mum was the Steward.…


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