Saving Strokes

Using the Rules to Help lower your score

A good knowledge ensures you know all your options at any time and so you have a better chance of giving yourself an easier next shot.

Embedded Ball

This should be easy – Rule 16.3 allows you to take relief whenever your ball lies in its own pitchmark in the general area. “Embedded” means that part of the ball is below the level of the ground (so not if is just “sitting down” in a grassy lie. The reference point is immediately behind … Continue reading Embedded Ball

The Referee Gets in the Way

A true tale from a recent competition. When refereeing a stroke play (or matchplay) competition you do your best to keep out of the players way and not to interfere unless you are called in or spot a situation where a player may need a bit of help to apply the rules correctly. It doesn’t … Continue reading The Referee Gets in the Way

Preferred Lies

As we (in the northern hemisphere) move into the colder months and courses can’t be maintained in peak summer conditions “Winter Rules” are often brought into play on the 1st of October. Probably the most common of these is a preferred lie rule which should be based on the model local rule E-3. This is … Continue reading Preferred Lies


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