Back-on-the-Line Change for 2023

There has been a slight change to the back-on-the-line procedure from 1st January 2023 and it is probably more in line with what golfers actually did, rather than what they were meant to do, following the 2019 rule changes. This procedure for getting a ball in play is relevant for a few situations: Penalty Area … Continue reading Back-on-the-Line Change for 2023

Scottie Scheffler: “Pine Straw” at the Masters

I've been asked a few questions about the rulings Scottie Scheffler received during the Masters last weekend. At the 18th on Saturday he took an unplayable lie from deep in a bush after his drive. He then asked for confirmation that he could remove the pine needles that Augusta put under the trees before dropping. … Continue reading Scottie Scheffler: “Pine Straw” at the Masters

Relief from a Path Parallel to Direction of Play

A quick revisit on request to a topic covered a while ago. This is really a reminder that there is just one NEAREST Point of Complete Relief. The rules do not allow you to choose the nicest point of complete relief! Recommendation is to always determine your nearest point of complete relief before you … Continue reading Relief from a Path Parallel to Direction of Play

Preferred Lies

As we (in the northern hemisphere) move into the colder months and courses can't be maintained in peak summer conditions "Winter Rules" are often brought into play on the 1st of October. Probably the most common of these is a preferred lie rule which should be based on the model local rule E-3. This is … Continue reading Preferred Lies

Jon Rahm forgets to mark his ball

Some players just seem to attract bizarre incidents. Perhaps a bit of "brain fade" but it seems he thought he had previously put his marker down. He just lifted the ball and immediately realised his mistake. This is an immediate 1 stroke penalty under Rule 9.4b and this happens whenever a player deliberately touches … Continue reading Jon Rahm forgets to mark his ball

Immovable Obstructions and Penalty Areas

I had a couple of instances at the Rose Series event with balls lying in a Penalty Area but also close to an Immovable Obstruction. The photo below shows the first one. What do we do here? As you can see, this young lady's ball ended up on the bridge across the ditch just short … Continue reading Immovable Obstructions and Penalty Areas

Misunderstood Rules 3: Nearest or Nicest Point of Relief?

Perhaps every golfer is tempted by this with the following thought process: "It can't be relief if I can't get a swing at it, so I'll find the nearest point where I can actually play the ball" Commonly known as finding the "nicest" rather than "nearest" point of relief. Sorry - but that isn't … Continue reading Misunderstood Rules 3: Nearest or Nicest Point of Relief?

Saving Strokes 2: Use your Relief Area You've been in trouble and your taking a drop - back-on-the-line or stroke and distance. You used to have to drop on the line, or as close as possible to the point from where you had previously played. Now you have a Relief Area within 1 club length of these Reference Points (& of … Continue reading Saving Strokes 2: Use your Relief Area

Referee Challenge 2 So, its a strokeplay competition and we have a ball in the battery compartment of a trolley which is on an artificially surfaced path and then the wind blows the trolley and the ball to a new position. What rules apply and how should the player proceed?

Dropping the Ball (Rule 14)

Whenever you need to drop a ball to get it back into play, you first need to find your Reference Point. This is often your Nearest Point of Complete Relief, but it could be where you played from previously, you might be going back on-line, or using another option. Mark your Reference PoInt with a … Continue reading Dropping the Ball (Rule 14)