Look What’s Arrived!!

The new rules for 2019 seems like only a few months ago, but we are having an update and a new set go live on 1st January 2023.

There won’t be the wholesale changes that we had for 2019 – just a few tweaks, incorporation of some of the clarifications, and perhaps some of the recommended local rules becoming part of the main rule book. I haven’t studied in detail yet (it only arrived 30 minutes ago!), but will add posts on the changes soon.

6 thoughts on “Look What’s Arrived!!

  1. Hi Stewart

    Heads up! The R&A have messed up big time, the book was not due to be released until next week!

    I have been requested to delete any posts on my group that display content.

    Regards Fraz


    1. Thanks Fraz
      Bit tricky to put the rabbit back in the hat when Amazon had the Official Guide on pre-order for despatch on 1st Nov and the USGA are advertising seminars… I was wondering why there isn’t anything on the R&A website even suggesting that a new Rule Book is being issued – let alone the education material that I would hope is imminent.


      1. R&A also let the information slip in an update to the App (iOS only) Great info before they released an update to the update to remove it. Too late, information and documents from links acquired (sadly not the explanation video)


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