Caring for the Course

A slightly different post this one, although a topic important enough to be included as Rule 1.2, just behind the fundamental principles of Golf (which are stated as Rule 1.1 if you are interested) We love playing on courses that are in good condition, but we don't always remember the role that we have in … Continue reading Caring for the Course

Bridges & Penalty Areas

Artificial objects on the course which cannot be moved without unreasonable effort (such as bridges, roads, and buildings) are "Immovable Obstructions" (a type of "Abnormal Course Condition") unless they have been defined under the local rules as "integral parts of the course". You may take relief under Rule 16 from these Immovable Obstructions if they … Continue reading Bridges & Penalty Areas

Touching the Sand in a Bunker

At a recent men's elite competition I was amazed to come across a golfer who routinely grounded his club behind the ball and then swept the sand away on his backswing. While the 2019 rule did make a few changes about is allowable in a bunker this didn't change. Rule 12 is all about bunkers. … Continue reading Touching the Sand in a Bunker

Scottie Scheffler: “Pine Straw” at the Masters

I've been asked a few questions about the rulings Scottie Scheffler received during the Masters last weekend. At the 18th on Saturday he took an unplayable lie from deep in a bush after his drive. He then asked for confirmation that he could remove the pine needles that Augusta put under the trees before dropping. … Continue reading Scottie Scheffler: “Pine Straw” at the Masters

Relief from a Path Parallel to Direction of Play

A quick revisit on request to a topic covered a while ago. This is really a reminder that there is just one NEAREST Point of Complete Relief. The rules do not allow you to choose the nicest point of complete relief! Recommendation is to always determine your nearest point of complete relief before you … Continue reading Relief from a Path Parallel to Direction of Play

DO NOT TOUCH YOUR BALL (without marking its position first)!

A rule I see broken with astonishing regularity. Keep your eyes open and I'm sure you'll find someone does it during your next friendly fourball. Rule of Thumb (but not a rule of golf): MARK YOUR BALL FIRST if you ever need to touch or lift it. And please remember that if you do need … Continue reading DO NOT TOUCH YOUR BALL (without marking its position first)!

Playing from the Wrong Tee

A surprisingly easy mistake to make - especially if you are used to playing from a particular place or set of tees. On a strange course you can even play off the tee for a different hole! This is a mistake that you must correct in a medal competition or you will be disqualified. … Continue reading Playing from the Wrong Tee

Players Point of View: Catriona Matthew

Video from the R&A: Two-time winning Solheim Cup captain and former Women's British Open champion Catriona Matthew sat down with The R&A's Shona McRae to talk about her experience dealing with the Rules of Golf... Interesting that it would seem as though Catriona would rather a quick, confident ruling than a correct one! Of … Continue reading Players Point of View: Catriona Matthew

Play the Course as it is Marked! Regular golfers are likely to be playing the same course, maybe several times each week, and you get to know where the greenkeepers have been making repairs and so marking areas as Ground Under Repair (GUR), and potentially as No Play Zones (NPZs). This can lull you into a false sense of security as … Continue reading Play the Course as it is Marked!

Temporary Greens and “Winter Rules”

Temporary Greens are often classified as "Wrong Greens" or "GUR-No Play Zones" and so you must take relief from them if they interfere with the lie of your ball, your stance, or area of intended swing (Rule 13.1f). You go to the nearest point of complete relief (i.e. lie, stance and swing not touching the … Continue reading Temporary Greens and “Winter Rules”