Temporary Water (Rule 16)

“Temporary Water” is one of four “Abnormal Course Conditions” and is defined as any accumulation of water on the surface of the ground that can be seen before or after you take a stance – it must remain present either before or after your stance is taken (i.e. it is not enough for it to … Continue reading Temporary Water (Rule 16)

15th Hole – Red Penalty Areas (Rule 17)

Under the old rules you could choose to take lateral relief from either side of lateral water hazard, but the opposite side relief is no longer a standard option under the new rules. You can now only take lateral relief on the side of the Red Penalty Area where your ball last crossed into it. … Continue reading 15th Hole – Red Penalty Areas (Rule 17)

16th Hole – Red Penalty Area (Rule 17)

Alex, Bo, and Chris all got into trouble with their tee shots at the 16th. Alex didn’t get a good connection and ended up in the middle of the lake. Bo under clubbed, and while it just carried the lake it fell back into it from the bank. Chris took an extra club but pulled … Continue reading 16th Hole – Red Penalty Area (Rule 17)