Rory’s tee shot hits JT’s

A great example of exactly what to do when given a ruling. At the Canadian Open Justin Thomas hits a nice drive down the middle of the fairway. Rory then hits and his tee shot, also straight down the middle, hits JT's. What do you do? JT's ball has been moved by an "outside influence" … Continue reading Rory’s tee shot hits JT’s

17th @Brokenhurst – what to do if you don’t know what to do (Strokeplay)

The 17th is possibly the best hole on the course. A dogleg right with a stream to cross to reach the fairway and a narrow entrance to a long and challenging green. 350 yards from the red tees and currently 415 from the whites, although a new tee has been pushed further back to maintain … Continue reading 17th @Brokenhurst – what to do if you don’t know what to do (Strokeplay)

Matchplay – ball holed but not found

A simple question I've been asked which might create a chase through the rule book. Matchplay, both players played approach (lets say 2nd shots) to slightly hidden green. Player A found ball, Player B didn't and conceded the hole. As they were leaving the next tee having driven off the players behind called that there … Continue reading Matchplay – ball holed but not found

Patrick Reed’s Embedded Ball

He has been involved in more than a few dubious actions regarding the rules and has now attracted a lot of negative attention on social media about his actions around his ball on the 10th hole of his 3rd round of the Farmers Insurance Open yesterday. The video here is the only one I could … Continue reading Patrick Reed’s Embedded Ball