Play the Course as it is Marked!

Regular golfers are likely to be playing the same course, maybe several times each week, and you get to know where the greenkeepers have been making repairs and so marking areas as Ground Under Repair (GUR), and potentially as No Play Zones (NPZs). This can lull you into a false sense of security as these markings will evolve over time – it is even possible for more permanent features (such as an Out of Bounds line) to be moved after a course review. This is just a quick reminder to make sure you check out the current course markings before assuming that last week’s GUR is still GUR this week!

You should also make sure that you review the local rules to make sure you know:

  • the defined boundaries of the course
  • how the course you are playing defines the edges of penalty areas
  • any artificial object which are included as integral parts of the course (they might otherwise be immovable obstructions)

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