Everyday Rules You Should Know

Learn from others’ mistakes

I see lots of players misunderstanding rules or not knowing their options in common situations. These happen every day on every golf course and in almost every group. You will save yourself strokes if you know your options.

Embedded Ball

This should be easy – Rule 16.3 allows you to take relief whenever your ball lies in its own pitchmark in the general area. “Embedded” means that part of the ball is below the level of the ground (so not if is just “sitting down” in a grassy lie. The reference point is immediately behind … Continue reading Embedded Ball

Areas of the Course

A bit of revision – what are the 4 defined areas of the course? You need to know them because different rules apply in different areas. If part of your ball is in both the general area and one of these specific areas, it is treated as being in the specific area of the course. … Continue reading Areas of the Course


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