We’d Better Get A Referee!

Be the Referee Yourself

I’ve taken inspiration from the BBC’s very own Ken Brown and his “Ken on the Course” pieces. Watch the videos and make your decision.


(Not) Attending the Flag

So this wasn’t during a competition round, but what would your ruling be if you witnessed this happening? (Just Jack’s putt – don’t worry about the banter with Johnny Miller before or the fact that he had just popped the ball down on the green). You will notice that Jack’s caddie ran over to take…

Matchplay – ball holed but not found

A simple question I’ve been asked which might create a chase through the rule book. Matchplay, both players played approach (lets say 2nd shots) to slightly hidden green. Player A found ball, Player B didn’t and conceded the hole. As they were leaving the next tee having driven off the players behind called that there…

Is missing the ball in anger a “Stroke”?

CALLING ALL REFEREES Please can you help out with this question that Bob has posed – We would very much appreciate your thoughts and citations in the discussion below. A player in a stroke play competition leaves a putt short and on the lip of the hole. In disgust they attempt to knock the ball…

When is a ball not a ball?

A real scenario which is causing a bit of discussion, so one for those who know the rules in depth. As follows: A group of players are playing in a Stableford Competition. Half way down a hole, Player A declares that they cannot now score any Stableford points and therefore they have ‘completed the hole‘…


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