Back-on-the-Line Change for 2023

There has been a slight change to the back-on-the-line procedure from 1st January 2023 and it is probably more in line with what golfers actually did, rather than what they were meant to do, following the 2019 rule changes. This procedure for getting a ball in play is relevant for a few situations: Penalty Area … Continue reading Back-on-the-Line Change for 2023

Cam Smith – Penalty Area Relief

An illustration of how simple things can go wrong - also perhaps why Tour Players will call a referee for situations where you might expect them to know the rules. The language used in the video is a little "loose" when referring to "complete relief" (which he doesn't need to take), but it does teach … Continue reading Cam Smith – Penalty Area Relief

Penalty Area Definition

Painted lines are the least ambiguous method for defining a precise boundary for a penalty area and while these will be put in for major competition, most golf courses don't have the resources to maintain such course marking 365 days of the year. Within their local rules they should describe how the edge of penalty … Continue reading Penalty Area Definition

9th @BrokenhurstGC – No Play Zone

The 9th at Brokenhurst is a Par 5 for ladies and a tough Par 4 for men to finish the front nine. Playing slightly up hill and often into the wind you need to be on your game. One of the delights of playing the course is the wildlife you will see on your … Continue reading 9th @BrokenhurstGC – No Play Zone

4th Hole @Brokenhurst – Out of Bounds or Red Penalty Area?

The 4th is another tactical hole but perhaps its main feature is the green - hit it onto the left half with the hole on the right (or vice versa) and a 3 putt might be a good result. As driving distances have grown with modern technology you need to hit a fade or hug … Continue reading 4th Hole @Brokenhurst – Out of Bounds or Red Penalty Area?

17th Hole @BrokenhurstGC

Stroke Index 4 for men and 7 for ladies this is a challenging Par 4. A ditch to carry from the tee and choosing the right line isn't easy. Skirting the trees on the right makes the hole shorter but increases the carry and the danger of the woods and ditch. The fairway was … Continue reading 17th Hole @BrokenhurstGC

Charley’s Drop at the 17th

Once more back at the @RoseLadiesGolf event at @BrokenhurstGC and there were more than a few questions from members after the event about how Charley Hull was allowed to drop on the fairway side after finding the ditch from the 17th tee. These knowledgeable and alert members were questioning the decision because when the 2019 … Continue reading Charley’s Drop at the 17th

Immovable Obstructions and Penalty Areas

I had a couple of instances at the Rose Series event with balls lying in a Penalty Area but also close to an Immovable Obstruction. The photo below shows the first one. What do we do here? As you can see, this young lady's ball ended up on the bridge across the ditch just short … Continue reading Immovable Obstructions and Penalty Areas

Misunderstood Rules 4: Lateral Relief from Red Penalty Areas

Its very easy to take lateral relief from a Red Penalty Area next to where your ball is lying, however your reference point is the point where the ball last crossed in to the penalty area - perhaps a little bit further back as most red penalty areas are to the side. And don't … Continue reading Misunderstood Rules 4: Lateral Relief from Red Penalty Areas

Misunderstood Rules 6: Where is the edge of a Penalty Area?

Most golfers believe that stakes define the edge of a penalty area unless there is a line. While lines would always DEFINE the edge of a penalty area stakes normally only INDICATE there is a penalty area (unless the local rules state that stakes DEFINE penalty areas). The default position is that penalty areas are … Continue reading Misunderstood Rules 6: Where is the edge of a Penalty Area?