Top 10 Misused Rules

Learn from others’ mistakes

I asked my fellow referees which rules they see misused, misapplied, or broken most frequently by the normal club golfer – here they are!


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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Misused Rules

  1. Hi was looking for definition of relief area re the following. On my course there is a channel 2’ wide of gravel from which relief is available. The nearest point of relief is in bad rough: can the club length extend across the gravel to a better playing area not nearer flag?


    1. Hi Tim
      Yes, the club length can bridge across the gravel, but you must take complete relief. Unless the relief has been defined in your local rules as “for lie only”, then you may not be standing on the gravel or have it interfering with the area of your intended swing after taking relief. With a 2 foot wide channel this might be tricky – it would be possible to have the lie of the ball one side of the band and your stance on the other – this might give you a nearest point of relief on the more advantageous side.
      Kind regards


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