Can’t Explain the Physics, but what’s the ruling?

This should be easy – what is the ruling (for Tommy and the player’s ball he hit)?
Any concerns about leaving the other ball next to the hole?

3 thoughts on “Can’t Explain the Physics, but what’s the ruling?

  1. I believe Rule 15.3 or 8 would impose a penalty in the Fleetwood situation, as the other ball potentially gave him an advantage
    I’ll be interested in your views


  2. It depends…
    1. If Fleetwood/owner of ball on green have both agreed to leave the ball on green; each gets general penalty (15.3a)
    2. Assuming no such agreement existed (? more likely scenario), then clarification 15.3/C1 states there is no breach of 15.3a and hence no penalty under 15.3a, but Fleetwood’s actions would not be considered “best practice”. 15.3/C1 tries to prevent “backstopping” and, in part, states: “if there is a reasonable possibility that a player’s ball close to the hole could help another player who is about to play from off the green, both players should ensure that the player whose ball is close to the hole marks and lifts that ball before the other player plays.” in this scenario, Fleetwood might be guilty of not following best practice and might receive advice from the organising committee.


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