7th Hole @Brokenhurst – Unplayable Lie

The start of the middle loop of 6 - the most difficult loop and level to handicap through these holes is normally a good result. The 7th at 376 yds from the white tees and 344 from the reds is possibly the easiest of the six. https://videopress.com/v/zcBMtuPe?preloadContent=metadata Driving over the road, the only trouble is … Continue reading 7th Hole @Brokenhurst – Unplayable Lie

Misunderstood Rules 9: Unplayable Lie

When you take lateral (sideways) relief from an unplayable lie you measure your 2 club lengths from the edge of the unplayable area don't you? https://videopress.com/v/ck5Ylk7h?preloadContent=metadata Sorry - the 2 club lengths is from the position of the ball. If you are in the middle of a big bush you might need to take 2 … Continue reading Misunderstood Rules 9: Unplayable Lie

Saving Strokes 5: Consider all your options & keep a clear head

I'm sure you remember Jordan Spieth on the 13th at Birkdale in the 2017 Open. Way off line and in a bush he had possibly just lost his chance of winning. However with David Bonsall, Chair of the R&A Rules Committee as the referee for his match he was in very good hands to be … Continue reading Saving Strokes 5: Consider all your options & keep a clear head

Penalty Area and Immovable Obstruction

A bridge over a penalty area with balls in 5 different positions playing to the green and flag that you can see. What relief can you get for each situation? Ball number 1 is in the Red Penalty Area and as the ditch is dry at this time of year many players would consider playing … Continue reading Penalty Area and Immovable Obstruction