Cam Smith – Penalty Area Relief

An illustration of how simple things can go wrong - also perhaps why Tour Players will call a referee for situations where you might expect them to know the rules. The language used in the video is a little "loose" when referring to "complete relief" (which he doesn't need to take), but it does teach … Continue reading Cam Smith – Penalty Area Relief

(Not) Attending the Flag

So this wasn't during a competition round, but what would your ruling be if you witnessed this happening? (Just Jack's putt - don't worry about the banter with Johnny Miller before or the fact that he had just popped the ball down on the green). You will notice that Jack's caddie ran over to … Continue reading (Not) Attending the Flag

Rory’s tee shot hits JT’s

A great example of exactly what to do when given a ruling. At the Canadian Open Justin Thomas hits a nice drive down the middle of the fairway. Rory then hits and his tee shot, also straight down the middle, hits JT's. What do you do? JT's ball has been moved by an "outside influence" … Continue reading Rory’s tee shot hits JT’s

Scottie Scheffler: “Pine Straw” at the Masters

I've been asked a few questions about the rulings Scottie Scheffler received during the Masters last weekend. At the 18th on Saturday he took an unplayable lie from deep in a bush after his drive. He then asked for confirmation that he could remove the pine needles that Augusta put under the trees before dropping. … Continue reading Scottie Scheffler: “Pine Straw” at the Masters

Playing from the Wrong Tee

A surprisingly easy mistake to make - especially if you are used to playing from a particular place or set of tees. On a strange course you can even play off the tee for a different hole! This is a mistake that you must correct in a medal competition or you will be disqualified. … Continue reading Playing from the Wrong Tee

Players Point of View: Catriona Matthew

Video from the R&A: Two-time winning Solheim Cup captain and former Women's British Open champion Catriona Matthew sat down with The R&A's Shona McRae to talk about her experience dealing with the Rules of Golf... Interesting that it would seem as though Catriona would rather a quick, confident ruling than a correct one! Of … Continue reading Players Point of View: Catriona Matthew

Causing the Ball to Move – AT&T at Pebble Beach

More tour happenings that we can learn from. Maverick McNeally was doing well and facing a delicate pitch out of the rough with his ball lying precariously on top of the long grass. While he initially put his club down well behind the ball, when he went to play the stroke the ball toppled off … Continue reading Causing the Ball to Move – AT&T at Pebble Beach

Patrick Reed’s Embedded Ball

He has been involved in more than a few dubious actions regarding the rules and has now attracted a lot of negative attention on social media about his actions around his ball on the 10th hole of his 3rd round of the Farmers Insurance Open yesterday. The video here is the only one I could … Continue reading Patrick Reed’s Embedded Ball

Bryson’s Lost Ball

The best in the world don't often have to look for their ball - they hit it straighter than most and usually have a good number of marshals and spectators to see where the ball landed. So Bryson probably has a good excuse for being a little hazy on the lost ball rule. If it … Continue reading Bryson’s Lost Ball