14th @Brokenhurst – Immovable Obstruction (Sprinkler Head)

The 14th at Brokenhurst is a risk and reward short par 4. Big hitters may go for the green, but it is a very narrow entrance which sheds the ball to the right. Bunkers, a small copse, and heavy rough await if you are off line. The percentage play may be to leave yourself a … Continue reading 14th @Brokenhurst – Immovable Obstruction (Sprinkler Head)

12th @Brokenhurst – On a path (Immovable Obstruction)

The 12th is Brokenhurst's signature hole. A par 3 usually with a small well bunkered green and the clubhouse watching over from the far side of the 1st fairway. You might have enjoyed a snack at "The Sett" while sizing up which club to play - the back of the green is wider than the … Continue reading 12th @Brokenhurst – On a path (Immovable Obstruction)

Patrick Reed’s Embedded Ball

He has been involved in more than a few dubious actions regarding the rules and has now attracted a lot of negative attention on social media about his actions around his ball on the 10th hole of his 3rd round of the Farmers Insurance Open yesterday. The video here is the only one I could … Continue reading Patrick Reed’s Embedded Ball

Ball Embedded in the Face of a Bunker

More common in the winter when the ground is a bit softer. It is possible for a ball to embed (plug) in a steep soil or stacked turf face above a bunker. Depending on how you proceed you may be able to leave yourself a much easier shot than if you took relief without thinking. … Continue reading Ball Embedded in the Face of a Bunker

10th @Brokenhurst – Ball Embedded in the face of a bunker

The 10th is a long par 3 - a wood or even a driver for many golfers to reach the raised green. Bunkers left and right trap many shots and even if you hit the green a two putt isn't straightforward if you are on the wrong tier. Most players are more than happy to … Continue reading 10th @Brokenhurst – Ball Embedded in the face of a bunker

Embedded Ball

This should be easy - Rule 16.3 allows you to take relief whenever your ball lies in its own pitchmark in the general area. "Embedded" means that part of the ball is below the level of the ground (so not if is just "sitting down" in a grassy lie. The reference point is immediately behind … Continue reading Embedded Ball

Temporary Water in the General Area

The standard procedure when you are in a puddle in the General Area is to find your nearest point of complete relief within the general area which is not nearer the hole than where your ball is, and then to drop within 1 club length of (and again not nearer the hole than) that point. … Continue reading Temporary Water in the General Area

Temporary Water in a Bunker

We play golf in (almost) any weather and the rules need to take this into account. While we can get puddles on the course at any time of year, we are perhaps more likely to need to cope with them through the winter months - what relief is available? Playing out of a puddle should … Continue reading Temporary Water in a Bunker

The Referee Gets in the Way

A true tale from a recent competition. When refereeing a stroke play (or matchplay) competition you do your best to keep out of the players way and not to interfere unless you are called in or spot a situation where a player may need a bit of help to apply the rules correctly. It doesn't … Continue reading The Referee Gets in the Way