(Not) Attending the Flag

So this wasn't during a competition round, but what would your ruling be if you witnessed this happening? (Just Jack's putt - don't worry about the banter with Johnny Miller before or the fact that he had just popped the ball down on the green). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9KrMQDU94g You will notice that Jack's caddie ran over to … Continue reading (Not) Attending the Flag

Temporary Greens and “Winter Rules”

Temporary Greens are often classified as "Wrong Greens" or "GUR-No Play Zones" and so you must take relief from them if they interfere with the lie of your ball, your stance, or area of intended swing (Rule 13.1f). You go to the nearest point of complete relief (i.e. lie, stance and swing not touching the … Continue reading Temporary Greens and “Winter Rules”

5th Hole @BrokenhurstGC – Ball moves on the putting green

The fifth is the second par 3 at Brokenhurst and while very pleasing on the eye it does come with a good degree of challenge. Anything between 140 and 175 in length it is at right angles to the 3rd (the first par 3) so you will have to contend with a different wind. The … Continue reading 5th Hole @BrokenhurstGC – Ball moves on the putting green

Areas of the Course

A bit of revision - what are the 4 defined areas of the course? You need to know them because different rules apply in different areas. https://videopress.com/v/q2Us7f0E?preloadContent=metadata Defined Areas of the Course: Teeing Area, Penalty Area, Bunker, Green If part of your ball is in both the general area and one of these specific areas, … Continue reading Areas of the Course

Putting with the FlagStick In – A Reminder

Putting with the Flagstick In (stroke made from the Putting Green) Be very clear about your decision to keep the flagstick in – someone standing next to the hole is treated as attending the flag unless the player asks them to move awayNo penalty if your ball hits the flagstick if it is not attendedYou … Continue reading Putting with the FlagStick In – A Reminder