Ball Embedded in the Face of a Bunker

More common in the winter when the ground is a bit softer. It is possible for a ball to embed (plug) in a steep soil or stacked turf face above a bunker. Depending on how you proceed you may be able to leave yourself a much easier shot than if you took relief without thinking. … Continue reading Ball Embedded in the Face of a Bunker

10th @Brokenhurst – Ball Embedded in the face of a bunker

The 10th is a long par 3 - a wood or even a driver for many golfers to reach the raised green. Bunkers left and right trap many shots and even if you hit the green a two putt isn't straightforward if you are on the wrong tier. Most players are more than happy to … Continue reading 10th @Brokenhurst – Ball Embedded in the face of a bunker

Preferred Lies

As we (in the northern hemisphere) move into the colder months and courses can't be maintained in peak summer conditions "Winter Rules" are often brought into play on the 1st of October. Probably the most common of these is a preferred lie rule which should be based on the model local rule E-3. This is … Continue reading Preferred Lies

It keeps happening to Bryson – the broken club

It seems that Bryson Dechambeau just can not stay out of the limelight. The shaft of his driver broke on the 7th hole - probably not surprising given the violent speed of his new swing (watch the video below if you haven't seen the incident). The breakage was most definitely accidental and not done in … Continue reading It keeps happening to Bryson – the broken club

2nd Hole @BrokenhurstGC – Staked Trees

The second at Brokenhurst is a well designed risk and reward Par 5. A drive down the right might allow you to go for the green in two by going over or around the stand on pine trees. Beware however as there is a ditch short and left while thick rough and out of bounds … Continue reading 2nd Hole @BrokenhurstGC – Staked Trees

17th Hole @BrokenhurstGC

Stroke Index 4 for men and 7 for ladies this is a challenging Par 4. A ditch to carry from the tee and choosing the right line isn't easy. Skirting the trees on the right makes the hole shorter but increases the carry and the danger of the woods and ditch. The fairway was … Continue reading 17th Hole @BrokenhurstGC