A Round with the Rules at Brokenhurst Manor

A chance to show you around beautiful Brokenhurst with a ruling on every hole – it must have been one of the unluckiest rounds ever!

If you want a very quick round, here is the club’s Flyover Video from YouTube

After the Round – Scorecard Responsibilities

You haven’t finished your round when you hole out at the 18th – you must now deal with checking and returning your scorecard. Returning your score is an integral part of game but is also possibly the most frustrating way to be penalised or DQ’d if done incorrectly. You must return your card without “undue…

18th @Brokenhurst – Loose Impediments and Divots

The 18th is another of Harry Colt’s great short Par 4’s. Two good shots and you are looking for a birdie, but one bad shot and a bogey can be a good score. It is now a long carry for many golfers over a ditch and heathery bank on to the fairway with a lone…

16th @Brokenhurst – Touching Your Ball to Identify it

The 16th is a fairly straightforward par 5. It plays slightly downhill to a ditch crossing at 350 yards or so from the tee, and the slightly up hill to the green 150 yards further on. Long hitters will need to avoid the left hand bunkers from the tee and in some conditions will be…

15th @Brokenhurst – on a Wrong Green

The 15th is another short par 4 – a slightly more open green for the elite golfers to have a go at from the tee, and a very annoying pine tree on the left for the mere mortals who seem to get behind it with monotonous regularity. A big green so you do need to…


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