Embedded Ball

This should be easy – Rule 16.3 allows you to take relief whenever your ball lies in its own pitchmark in the general area. “Embedded” means that part of the ball is below the level of the ground (so not if is just “sitting down” in a grassy lie. The reference point is immediately behind the embedded ball and the relief area is within one club length, not nearer the hole and in the general area.

However – don’t forget that you have the club length which might move you to an easier position. Maybe out of the rough and onto the fairway or even out from behind a tree. Also, you can clean your ball – but only before you drop it! Do not that if you are on the fairway and placing is allowed under winter rules you can EITHER just prefer your lie (probably within 6 inches of where your ball is plugged) OR take embedded ball ball relief and drop it in the relief area and subsequently prefer your lie from there – you can’t place the ball within the 1 club length relief area.

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