Staked and Unstaked Trees

Several new trees have been added to a few existing ones to provide a better screen between the 2nd and 4th holes at Brokenhurst. The new ones are a similar size to the existing trees and need some support from stakes until they get fully established. The existing trees, being already well rooted, aren’t staked. If you aren’t paying attention it is easy to think that all the trees are staked and so take free relief under the local rule when you aren’t allowed to do so.

Coversely – if you don’t take relief from a staked tree which has been defined as a No Play Zone you will incur a penalty.

Whether and how young trees and if they are deemed to be No Play Zones will be defined within the local rules. Make sure you read and understand these rules before you play.

4 thoughts on “Staked and Unstaked Trees

  1. Talking staked tree’s, I came by a mature bush/tree the other day while playing golf and lying against its branches was a tree stake, it’s pointed end was above ground and it was lying at a 45 degree angle and unattached. is the tree considered a staked tree ?


  2. Hi
    I took relief from a staked tree and played my shot. After I hit the ball my club clipped a leaf from the staked tree branch. My partner was certain that this incurred a penalty of one shot. Does it? Thanks


    1. Hi Tom

      Your partner is correct that there should be a penalty, but I am afraid to say that this would incur the general penalty which is 2 shots in strokeplay or loss of hole in matchplay.

      The reason is that when you take relief from an Abnormal Course Condition (such as the staked tree – the status of which should be defined in the local rules), you must take “complete relief”. That is there must be no interference from the Abnormal Course Condition with your stance, the lie of the ball, or your area of intended swing. Clipping a leaf of the tree means that you did not take this complete relief and you have therefore played from a “Wrong Place”. Rule 14.7 covers this and defines the general penalty. In theory you may have to replay from the correct place to avoid disqualification if the “wrong place” were to be considered a “serious breach” – however in this instance the correct place will be very close to the place you actually played from and so a “serous breach” is very unlikely.

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.



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