2nd Hole @BrokenhurstGC – Staked Trees

The second at Brokenhurst is a well designed risk and reward Par 5. A drive down the right might allow you to go for the green in two by going over or around the stand on pine trees. Beware however as there is a ditch short and left while thick rough and out of bounds … Continue reading 2nd Hole @BrokenhurstGC – Staked Trees

17th Hole @BrokenhurstGC

Stroke Index 4 for men and 7 for ladies this is a challenging Par 4. A ditch to carry from the tee and choosing the right line isn't easy. Skirting the trees on the right makes the hole shorter but increases the carry and the danger of the woods and ditch. https://videopress.com/v/CfPk3HEA?preloadContent=metadata The fairway was … Continue reading 17th Hole @BrokenhurstGC

Charley’s Drop at the 17th

Once more back at the @RoseLadiesGolf event at @BrokenhurstGC and there were more than a few questions from members after the event about how Charley Hull was allowed to drop on the fairway side after finding the ditch from the 17th tee. These knowledgeable and alert members were questioning the decision because when the 2019 … Continue reading Charley’s Drop at the 17th

Getting ready for the Lady Pros at Brokenhurst Manor

Here is just a little taster of the preparation for last week's tournament at Brokenhurst Manor. It will be a similar story for every elite tournament and goes unseen to most golfers. It may start weeks or months (or even years as the R&A might do with Open venues) before the competition with a course … Continue reading Getting ready for the Lady Pros at Brokenhurst Manor

Saving Strokes 1: Read the Local Rules

Do you know the Local Rules at your own course? When did you last read them? Did you know they will have changed in 2019? When playing a another course do you read the Local Rules? This is one of the first things a Rules Official will do before play starts. Understanding them is essential … Continue reading Saving Strokes 1: Read the Local Rules

Red Penalty Area on the Right of the 17th

While this post is about the 17th hole at Cumberwell Park it highlights points about identifying where a ball lost crossed in to a penalty area as well as the level of certainty if there is the possibility that a ball may have emerged from the penalty area. So please read on... A problem that … Continue reading Red Penalty Area on the Right of the 17th

Rules – Hollow Cored Greens

When you need to place or replace your ball you must do so on a specific spot, for example precisely where it was before it was lifted or exactly where it landed following a re-drop that once again rolled outside the relief area (you might remember Lexie Thompson incurring a very costly penalty for this … Continue reading Rules – Hollow Cored Greens