Coping with a large area of GUR / NPZ

Following the construction of some new ponds at Brokenhurst we have some large areas of Ground Under Repair (GUR) which are also No Play Zones (NPZs) on the 12th and 13th. One edge of the GUR is bounded by a ditch (Penalty Area), the path runs through the middle of them, and the new ponds (Penalty Areas) are completely contained within them. All this makes for a complicated situation which needs clarifying.

While this particular case is specific to these holes until the areas have recovered sufficiently to be brought back in to play, similar situations are likely to be found on other courses.

A mat as a Drop Zone has been added as an additional free relief option from the GUR/NPZs on each hole. The nearest point of complete relief is still available, but is impractical in most situations.

Likewise for a ball finishing on the Immovable Obstruction of the path (another Abnormal Course Condition) the nearest point of complete relief, and the entirety of the 1 club length relief area, is almost certainly in the GUR. Arguably the path could have been included within the GUR, but that would remove the option for the player to play the ball from that path if they wished. Optional free relief from the path, followed by compulsory free relief from the GUR/NPZ will most likely take the player to the drop zone.

Finally, we have the scenario where the ball is in one of the penalty areas (or if it is known or virtually certain to be within the combined GUR / Penalty area but not known or virtually certain to be in the GUR). In this instance, the reference point for at least one option for penalty relief (1 stroke) may be within the GUR/NPZ, so subsequent compulsory free relief will effectively take the player to the drop zone under penalty of 1 stroke.

The video above includes more complete explanations, while for those with shorter attention spans the one below ignores options and explanations.

One thought on “Coping with a large area of GUR / NPZ

  1. OMG Mr Guru Have they undertaken this work just to give you a pretty complicated Rules Scenario to provide your learned thoughts upon?? Kindest regards as always Adrian


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