After the Round – Scorecard Responsibilities

You haven't finished your round when you hole out at the 18th - you must now deal with checking and returning your scorecard. Returning your score is an integral part of game but is also possibly the most frustrating way to be penalised or DQ'd if done incorrectly. You must return your card without "undue … Continue reading After the Round – Scorecard Responsibilities

Preferred Lies

As we (in the northern hemisphere) move into the colder months and courses can't be maintained in peak summer conditions "Winter Rules" are often brought into play on the 1st of October. Probably the most common of these is a preferred lie rule which should be based on the model local rule E-3. This is … Continue reading Preferred Lies

18th @Brokenhurst – Loose Impediments and Divots

The 18th is another of Harry Colt's great short Par 4's. Two good shots and you are looking for a birdie, but one bad shot and a bogey can be a good score. It is now a long carry for many golfers over a ditch and heathery bank on to the fairway with a lone … Continue reading 18th @Brokenhurst – Loose Impediments and Divots

17th @Brokenhurst – what to do if you don’t know what to do (Strokeplay)

The 17th is possibly the best hole on the course. A dogleg right with a stream to cross to reach the fairway and a narrow entrance to a long and challenging green. 350 yards from the red tees and currently 415 from the whites, although a new tee has been pushed further back to maintain … Continue reading 17th @Brokenhurst – what to do if you don’t know what to do (Strokeplay)

16th @Brokenhurst – Touching Your Ball to Identify it

The 16th is a fairly straightforward par 5. It plays slightly downhill to a ditch crossing at 350 yards or so from the tee, and the slightly up hill to the green 150 yards further on. Long hitters will need to avoid the left hand bunkers from the tee and in some conditions will be … Continue reading 16th @Brokenhurst – Touching Your Ball to Identify it

Penalty Area Definition

Painted lines are the least ambiguous method for defining a precise boundary for a penalty area and while these will be put in for major competition, most golf courses don't have the resources to maintain such course marking 365 days of the year. Within their local rules they should describe how the edge of penalty … Continue reading Penalty Area Definition

14th @Brokenhurst – Immovable Obstruction (Sprinkler Head)

The 14th at Brokenhurst is a risk and reward short par 4. Big hitters may go for the green, but it is a very narrow entrance which sheds the ball to the right. Bunkers, a small copse, and heavy rough await if you are off line. The percentage play may be to leave yourself a … Continue reading 14th @Brokenhurst – Immovable Obstruction (Sprinkler Head)

Put Your Own Markings on Your Ball

Just unpacked my referee's bag after the Hampshire Open last week (Pro's & elite amateurs) and noticed that 3 of the 7 decent balls (there were a couple of others that I wouldn't expect these players to be using in a competition) that I found on the course during the day do not have specific … Continue reading Put Your Own Markings on Your Ball