Caring for the Course

A slightly different post this one, although a topic important enough to be included as Rule 1.2, just behind the fundamental principles of Golf (which are stated as Rule 1.1 if you are interested)

We love playing on courses that are in good condition, but we don’t always remember the role that we have in maintaining that good condition – our greenkeepers work wonders and we should do all we can to help them.

We should all try to leave a golf course in a better condition than we find it

  • minimising any damage we cause
    • keeping trolleys away from greens,
    • following paths,
    • obeying greenkeepers signs
  • repairing any damage we cause
    • replacing divots,
    • raking bunkers,
    • repairing pitch marks
  • repairing any damage we see, especially any pitch marks (without unduly delaying play)

You won’t normally be penalised for not doing these actions but with a code of conduct in place it is possible to get penalty strokes or even disqualified. Fundamentally though, it is simply a case of good manners!

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