15th @Brokenhurst – on a Wrong Green

The 15th is another short par 4 – a slightly more open green for the elite golfers to have a go at from the tee, and a very annoying pine tree on the left for the mere mortals who seem to get behind it with monotonous regularity. A big green so you do need to know how far back the flag is. Bunkers short and left of the slightly raised green, but it should be a birdie opportunity with just a short 2nd shot.

My second shot has kicked off the bank at the back right and ended up on the 9th green. (Or maybe I just didn’t want to admit thinning out of the bunker!) This is not the green of the hole that I am playing and so is defined as a “wrong green”. A Wrong Green would also include any practice or alternative green. You are now not allowed to play from a Wrong Green and must take free relief. Your reference point is the nearest point of complete relief which is not nearer the hole and you must then drop within one club length of, and not nearer the hole than, this reference point.

To be ultra clear – interference from the Wrong Green includes if you need to take your stance on that green. So complete relief means that you may not be standing on the green when you play your shot. (Although some clubs may have a local rule to discount interference for stance only)

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