13th @Brokenhurst – On a movable obstruction

The 13th starts the last loop of 6 holes so playing away from the clubhouse again. Hitting the correct line of the tee is crucial. The tighter left you can keep it the shorter your shot into the green will be, as long as you are far enough to clear the trees on the corner. The prevailing wind will try to take your ball to the right off the tee and is against you on the second shot.

A “Moveable Obstruction” is an artificial object that can be move with ‘reasonable effort and without damaging the obstruction or the course’. These will include bunker rakes and ball scoops and a lot of course furniture such as direction posts, benches, and penalty area stakes. However it is possible for easily moveable objects to be defined as “immovable” so do check your local rules. Also, boundary objects such as out of bounds posts are always classed as immovable.

You can always move a moveable obstruction in any area of the course (so including bunkers and penalty areas) – the only slight difference in procedure is if your ball is on the putting green.

If your ball is touching the course and resting against a moveable obstruction then simply remove the obstruction and replace your ball on its original spot if this causes it to move – its a good idea to mark the position of your ball before removing the obstruction just in case it does move.

If your ball is not touching the course but is on or in a moveable obstruction then there are different procedures depending on whether or not your ball is on the putting green. In both cases your reference point will be the point directly below where your ball is. On the putting green you will place the ball on this spot, elsewhere on the course you must drop it within 1 club length of, not nearer the hole than, and in the same area of the course as the reference point.

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