Jon Rahm forgets to mark his ball

Some players just seem to attract bizarre incidents. Perhaps a bit of “brain fade” but it seems he thought he had previously put his marker down. He just lifted the ball and immediately realised his mistake.

This is an immediate 1 stroke penalty under Rule 9.4b and this happens whenever a player deliberately touches their own ball at rest whether or not the ball moves (unless the player is allowed to lift or move the ball). You must replace your ball on its spot – if you do not do so you will have played from a wrong place and you will incur the general penalty and risk disqualification if the breach is considered “serious”.

The learning point is that while there are some situations where it is not a requirement to mark your ball before touching or lifting it a big recommendation is to always-always mark your ball before lifting or touching it.

Jon remained remarkably calm – without this he would have won the tournament by a single stroke, although he did win the play off .

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