Saving Strokes 5: Consider all your options & keep a clear head

I’m sure you remember Jordan Spieth on the 13th at Birkdale in the 2017 Open. Way off line and in a bush he had possibly just lost his chance of winning. However with David Bonsall, Chair of the R&A Rules Committee as the referee for his match he was in very good hands to be informed of all his available options. And, a point to note for all referees, even with his experience David got on the radio to his colleagues to confirm details of the Temporary Immovable Obstruction(s) parked by the practice ground (was each van an individual obstruction, or should they be considered together as a single obstruction?)

It took a long time to both get the ruling right and go through all the dropping procedures and as we know it spurred Jordan on to some miraculous golf over the closing holes.

Watch this Team Titleist recreation along with Jordan’s own memories and description of his thought process.

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