Before you Start

The first in a series going round the beautiful Brokenhurst Manor highlighting a rules query at each hole and how to deal. While the things encountered will be of particular relevance when playing the specific hole the learning points are transferable anywhere. So lets get started – what should we be doing before we start?

Firstly, make sure you arrive in plenty of time – you want unnecessary stress before you start and if you are early you can have a coffee in the clubhouse, warm up, and get the feel of the practice putting green.

Make sure you pick up a scorecard and read the local rules. Don’t forget that there may be temporary local rules displayed on a noticeboard or elsewhere to complement any that are on the scorecard. If you are playing in a competition find out if alternative local rules have been set up using a “hard card” or similar. And, of course, don’t assume that just because your club has a local rule the same will apply here.

But what if you are late? It’s not good news….

If you are not at the tee and ready to play at your allocated start time you will have the general penalty (2 strokes or loss of hole) applied to your first hole. More than 5 minutes late and you will be disqualified. But you are also not allowed to tee off early! A DQ if you tee off more than 5 minutes early and General Penalty if less than 5 minutes early.

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