Rules – Hollow Cored Greens

When you need to place or replace your ball you must do so on a specific spot, for example precisely where it was before it was lifted or exactly where it landed following a re-drop that once again rolled outside the relief area (you might remember Lexie Thompson incurring a very costly penalty for this a couple of years ago). But what about when the ball comes to rest in an aeration hole (e.g. from last week’s hollow coring) on the green?

While you are now able to repair any damage on the green (such as old hole plugs, spike marks, or animal tracks), Rule 13.1c(2) specifically prevents you from repairing aeration holes as they are a normal maintenance practice. However, we have put in place a “Winter Rule” at Cumberwell to allow you to place the ball at the nearest point of relief on the putting green (or drop within 1 club length if in the general area).

Click here to have a look at this and all our other winter rules – knowing and using them properly might save you a shot or two!

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