6th Hole @BrokenhurstGC – Animal Holes

The 6th marks the end of the first, and easiest loop, at Brokenhurst and brings you back close to the clubhouse. A shortish Par 4 which could well give a birdie chance although a new back tee will restore a bit of the challenge for the longer hitters. You will hopefully be ahead of the card as the next loop of 6 provides a sterner test….

My tee shot has ended up on some molehills in the left hand rough. These are classed as “Animal Holes” and are considered an “Abnormal Course Condition”. As such I can take free relief – my Reference Point is the nearest point of complete relief (which is not nearer the hole and in the same area of the course) and the relief area into which I must drop is within 1 club length of that point.

A few points to note:
– I don’t have to take relief from an abnormal course condition unless it has also been designated as a “No Play Zone”
– The rules now make no distinction between normal animals and burrowing animals. The definition of an “Animal” includes every living member of the animal kingdom (other than humans).
– An Animal Hole is anything dug by any animal which is not also defined as a loose impediment (e.g. worms or insects)
– Animal Holes include:
– the loose material the animal dug out of the hole
– any worn down track or trail leading into the hole, and
– any area on the ground pushed up or altered as a result of teh animal digging the hole underground

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