Improving Your Lie

A quick one from the AIG Open. Plenty of people calling for a 2 stroke penalty for Lexi Thompson on social media. We all know (I hope) that you may not improve the “Conditions Affecting the Stroke” which are:

  • Your lie
  • Area of intended stance
  • Area of intended swing
  • Line of play
  • The Relief Area where you will drop or place a ball

Lexi pushes over a tuft of grass which might effect her swing, but it sprang straight back into place. If it had stayed where she pushed it to, undoubtedly a breach of the rule and the General Penalty (2 strokes or loss of hole). But as it returned to its original position (or indeed if she had moved it back herself) there was no breach.

Have a look at Rule 8.1 (particularly 8.1a and 8.1c) if you are unconvinced.

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