Know the Rules – Save a Stroke

For some reason strange things seem to happen to my friend Lee on the golf course. Here he is with an ambitious attempt at getting a wood to a plugged (embedded) ball on the bank of a fairway bunker.

To be fair to him this was before the 2019 rules came into force which now allow free relief for an Embedded Ball anywhere in the General Area under Rule 16.3

The Reference Point for an Embedded Ball is immediately behind the ball and the Relief Area is within 1 club length, not nearer the hole, and in the General Area.

This means Lee can’t drop it in the Bunker, which leaves him only a tiny sliver of grass on which to drop.

It is likely that the ball will not stay in this tiny area, so having dropped and re-dropped Lee would then try to place the ball at the spot where it landed on the re-drop.

Once again, it may not be possible for the ball to stay on this spot, in which case he must place it on the nearest spot not nearer the hole and in the General Area where it will come to rest. This spot does not need to be in the first Relief Area and may even be some distance away.

Judicious planning on where you take your second drop can get you to a much nicer place to play from.

Watch the video to see where Lee managed to move the ball to – would he have been better off if he had taken relief?

More on the Embedded Ball rule here:

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