Embedded Ball (Rule 16.3)

At this time of year plugged balls are a possibility and if you do find your ball plugged in its own pitch mark (an Embedded Ball) anywhere in the General Area (i.e. not in a Bunker, Penalty Area, or on the Green – but it could be on the fairway or in the rough) then you can now take relief. The Reference Point from which to measure your Relief Area will be directly behind the ball, and the Relief Area will be within 1 Club Length, not nearer the hole and it must be in the General Area. This means that if your ball is plugged less than 1 club length in the edge of the rough you might be able to drop it on the fairway. Remember to use your longest club which isn’t a putter to measure your club length.

Embedded Ball

Quiz Question:
What do you do if you take your drop and the ball rolls back into its pitchmark?

You must re-drop your ball as it has rolled out of the Relief Area (the Reference Point marking the front of the Relief Area is immediately behind where the ball had been embedded).

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