A bit more on dropping the ball

If your relief area is on a slope it may be difficult to get your ball to stay inside it when you drop. If you drop it and re-drop it in the right way, but both times it rolls out of the relief area you must then place the ball on the spot where it landed on the second drop. (You do not have a choice of position). If it rolls away from this spot then try once more to place it on that spot. If it will still not stay in place then find the nearest place to this spot which is not nearer the hole and where you can place the ball without it rolling away.

Drop Redrop

A few other points to note:

  • While you can remove loose impediments from your relief area before you drop into it you can’t replace divots, bend back any attached plants or otherwise “prepare” the area.
  • Whenever you are taking relief you can now use a substitute ball instead of the original
  • In some cases, your relief area can include two different areas of the course (e.g. a bunker and the general area). In this case your ball must both land in, and come to rest in, the same area of the course.
  • It is highly recommended that you mark your reference point. If you do not then the point where your ball lands will become your reference point by default which means that your ball cannot move towards the hole after it has been dropped.
  • It is OK if the ball lands and then hits you accidentally – no penalty is incurred and the ball will be in play if it is still in the relief area
  • If the ball hits you before it lands it has not been dropped in the right way so it doesn’t count as a drop

More about dropping the ball here:

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