8th Hole @BrokenhurstGC – Two Identical Balls

A long par 4, seemingly always into the wind and the first of 3 very testing holes in a row. Escape from the 8th, 9th, and 10th level to your handicap and you are most likely playing well.

Even a good drive will probably leave a semi-blind second over the fairway bunker to a green protected by bunkers either side. Once on the green you do need to be attentive to your putt as there are some small ridges which can throw your ball either way.

For many golfers this is out of reach in two, so having cleared the bunker they are likely to be playing a short pitch into the green. This is where both my playing partner and I have played to before making an unhappy discovery.

This is the why it is always recommended that you put your own unique identifying mark on your ball before you play, and always make sure that any provisional ball you play can be differentiated from your first ball.

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