3rd Hole @BrokenhurstGC – Too many clubs

The first Par 3 on the course and it can vary in length from 140 to 200 yards or so depending on where they put the tees.  Normally played into the prevailing wind.  The pond short of the green shouldn’t be in play and with a just a single bunker on the right you should be targeting a par.

I’ve discovered I have 15 clubs in the bag after hitting my tee shot on the 3rd. What do I do?

In stroke play (or stableford) a 2 stroke penalty on each of the first two holes. In matchplay a match adjustment penalty of 2 holes. The first penalty (2 strokes or 1 hole match adjustment) is incurred as soon as you make a stroke on your first hole, and the second as soon as you make a stroke on your second hole. No further penalties are incurred on subsequent holes but as soon as you find out you have more than the allowed total of 14 clubs you should declare the excess club(s) out of play. If you still need to carry them around with you then perhaps put them in your bag the wrong way to separate them from those you are still able to use.

The golfing pub quiz aficionados will have spotted that the most one sided match score is not the 10&8 that is usually quoted, but actually 11&9 if the unfortunate golfer loses every hole on the front 9 and had more than 14 clubs in their bag!

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