The Rose Ladies Series at Brokenhurst Manor

It has been a privilege to be a referee at the first ladies professional sport event in the UK post lockdown. 47 of the best lady golfers in the country competing at my home course – Brokenhurst Manor.

The whole event summed up beautifully by Iona Stephen for Sky Sports here.

I’ll be posting more later on some of the decisions from the day and also what we do as referees. But for now, thank you to all the ladies for a wonderful display of golf and for making the effort to get here – checkout @sophiepowell91 on Twitter to see a bit of the not so glamorous side of professional golf. Well done to @lizyounggolf for the inspiration and organisation and all the staff and volunteers from @BrokenhurstGC for hosting so well. And of course congrats to @HullCharley.

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