Saving Strokes 3: Abnormal Strokes

Most of the time you may not take up an unusual stance or attempt an abnormal stroke in order to get free relief from, for example, an Abnormal Course Conditions (e.g. temporary water, GUR, an immovable obstruction, or an animal hole) or a Dangerous Animal Condition.

However, there are situations where an abnormal stroke is justified….
Watch the video to see how what might be a very difficult shot can become much easier by using the available relief (apologies for the poor sound).


  • The unusual stroke or stance must be justified. This can be a matter of opinion, but there is likely to be some form of obstruction preventing a “normal” stance or stroke.
  • Your nearest point of relief will then be identified using the unusual stroke / stance.
  • Once you have taken relief you can make your choice of stroke / stance based on your new situation – you don’t need to continue with the unusual stroke or stance.

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