Taking Relief from a Path

How to take relief from an artificially surfaced path (an “Immovable Obstruction”) or similar “Abnormal Course Condition”.

Remember to tell your playing partners or opponents what you are doing before you touch your ball. Also, leave your ball where it is until you have established your “Reference Point” and then your “Relief Area”.

  • Relative to where the ball lies, the Reference Point is:
    • the Nearest Point of Complete Relief
    • not nearer the hole
    • in the same “Area of the Course” (i.e. Green, Bunker, Teeing Area, or General area – no relief in a Penalty Area)
    • NB This determines a specific spot – you can’t choose the “nicest point of complete relief”!
  • Relative to the Reference Point, the Relief Area is:
    • within 1 club length
    • not nearer the hole
    • providing complete relief
    • in the same area of the course

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